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Wordburglar recently released his fourth official studio album, an epic concept album called Welcome to Cobra Island, and the album is not on Hand’Solo Records but is instead completely self-released. Still, it is an awesome album and I highly urge you to pick it up, especially if you’re a fan of one particular group of American heroes and their battles with an evil snake-based terrorist organization. For the first time, Wordburglar has released the digital album as a FREE DOWNLOAD (!) or you can pick up a limited edition CD copy with lyric booklet.


1. Welcome to Cobra Island [beat by Bix]
2. A Letter From Snake Eyes – Part 1 [beat by Timbuktu]
3. Call Destro [beat by Beatmason]
4. Rap-Viper [beat by Mister E]
5. A Letter From Snake Eyes – Part 2 [beat by Fresh Kils]
6. That Guy With the Disguises [beat by Savilion]
7. Rank & File featuring Touch, Chokeules, Esh the Monolith, CasUno, Savilion, Jesse Dangerously, More Or Les & Timbuktu [beat by Savilion]
8. I Don’t Want to Go to Cobra-La featuring Rift [beat by Beatmason]
9. Fred Broca – The Broca Beach Remix [beat by Beatmason]
10. Venomous Ideology [beat by Nato]
11. A Letter From Snake Eyes – Part 3 [beat by Timbuktu]
12. Chuckles (The Last Laugh) [beat by Fresh Kils]