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With his G.I. Joe-inspired album coming out on May 30 and the first (triple) single out now, Wordburglar has been receiving a lot of love from many of the best G.I. Joe sites on the ‘net, so here’s a little roundup of who is saying what…

Starting with a micro-episode of the Flag Points podcast dedicated solely to an interview with Wordburglar about his upcoming album and Joe’s in general, including an exclusive peak at an as-yet-unreleased track from Welcome to Cobra Island.

Listen to the interview on this handy player:

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Or visit the Flag Points site at: http://flagpoints.podbean.com/2013/04/02/flag-points-micro-ep-7-wordburglar-welcome-to-cobra-island/

And TheTerrorDrome.com also give the album and triple single a quick if not totally accurate (hey, all three songs are free!) mention on their front page.

Here it is:

Or check it out on their site at: http://www.theterrordrome.com/2013/03/new-album-from-wordburglar-welcome-to-cobra-island/

Finally, the folks over at GeneralsJoes.com also seem to have enjoyed it. What did they say, you ask? Here you go:

Or read it over at their site: http://generalsjoes.com/2013/03/25/wordburglar-brings-his-joe-fandom-to-the-rap-circle/