March 27th, 2015

Geek Hard reviews Eclipse

Andrew Young gives a glowing review to Backbuner’s Eclipse for Geek Hard for which we’re extremely grateful. He says of the album:

“With strong beats and great samples … Eclipse is a bombardment of lyrical mayhem to overload the senses.”

Check out the intro to the review:

Read the full review here:

March 27th, 2015

Fingers On Blast reviews Eclipse

Fingers On Blast has come through with a fine review for Backburner’s Eclipse, writing of the crew and their new album:

“There’s no doubt these guys have been at it for a while and they know exactly what they’re doing. The clever lyrics and tight production will have you nodding your head in no time…”

Here’s the review:

Or read the review here:

March 25th, 2015

Limondier reviews The Raw

Lots of love, maple syrup and Canadian bacon goes out to Julia W for her review of Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM!’s The Raw in French blog Limondier. It’s in French so I can’t be sure, but I think it’s a pretty awesome review of the album. If Google Translate is to be believed, she says of the album:

“The Canadian duo book a debut album and catchy, the contrast between raw tracks to the whimsical flow and quieter pieces works great. Ultra Magnus and DJ SLAM easily able to convince both ways, with deep fifteen titles that deserve to be listened to and played back to fully grasp the content. A winning collaboration that will reiterate undoubtedly in the future. We can not wait to hear more.”

Read the full review here:

March 25th, 2015

RapReviews The Raw review

A favourite friend of Hand’Solo Records, Flash comes through with a review of Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM!’s The Raw for RapReviews. He gives their debut a 7.5/10, which is a pretty good rating for that site, and opens his review with this description of the duo:

” Within the first two minutes of listening to “The Raw,” rapper Ultra Magnus is giving me flashbacks to early 1990′s Jay-Z, the fast tongue flipping Jay-Z, and to follow up that DJ SLAM! starts sampling from and scratching Transformers dialogue from Scourge.”

Here are the first few paragraphs of his review. The review is a bit longer, so click the image or the link below to read the it all…

Read the full review here:

March 21st, 2015

Stoner Girls’ Guide (sort of) review of (stolen) Eclipse

Unable to control herself long enough to get her very own promo copy of Backburner’s Eclipse, Stoner Girls’ Guide’s Onya Ganja lifted a copy from one of the producers and uses a blog post to gush about it. Perhaps literally. She says of the album:

“This album is dope. The beats make me grind my teeth. The lyrics titillate me. The samples delight me. From jazz snobs to cats who just did 2 years plus a day — this album has been entertaining everyone who comes to blaze with me.”

Here’s the full love letter:

Read the blog post here:

March 21st, 2015

Lithium Magazine reviews Eclipse

Much love to Pia Cabrera for her review of Backburner’s Eclipse for Lithium Magazine. In the review she says of the Burner:

“It’s amazing to see that there is still hip-hop crews out there like Backburner, who come together and are devoted to releasing quality hip hop tracks that are creative, clever and often experimental.”

Here’s the full review:

Or read the review here:

March 21st, 2015

Reap Hit reviews The Raw

Over in France, Saw Rick has given a very good review to Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM!’s The Raw for Reap Hit. If you read French, here’s the review:

If you can’t read French, here’s the always messy Google Translation version:

Read the original here:

March 21st, 2015

Scratched Vinyl review of The Raw

Chi Chi Walker delivers a critical review of Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM!’s The Raw for Scratched Vinyl, ultimately giving the album a 6/10. Here’s what I choose to focus on:

When listening to The Raw, it’s easy to see that these two would put on a great live show. There is a tremendous amount of energy to the album. DJ SLAM! is a solid producer and can cut and scratch with the best of them. Ultra Magnus has plenty of skill and charisma on the mic. On the most base level, this is a very enjoyable and fun hip hop album. However…

Curious? You can read the rest of the review here:

Or read the review here:

March 21st, 2015

A belated thanks to Exclaim!

I was so busy pushing the link on Facebook, Twitter and eventually to other blogs that I totally missed this very site. Oops! So, I’d like to extend a belated thanks to Exclaim Magazine for premiering Backburner’s “Bottle Caps” video on St Paddy’s Day. Hopefully you were happy with the hits…

Speaking of hits, hit up the link to watch the video and show them how many fans we have. And for you lazy bastards, here’s their write up of the video:

And here’s the link to read the write up and watch the video all in one place:

March 21st, 2015

Weekend @ Burgie’s – Episode 12

It’s the weekend and Wordburglar has a new episode of his podcast Weekend @ Burgie’s. So my plan for today is listening to the podcast while I post more updates. Feel free to follow along…

For episode #12, the guest is Uncle Fes, a founding member of Backburner and go-to DJ on most Backburner albums, so Burgie continues exploring the history of Backburner, and talks digging for records, producing, and just generally cracking jokes. A must for Backburner fans, like many of these episodes of Weekend @ Burgie’s.

Listen to the podcast here: