April 19th, 2015

Wordburglar live in St Catharine’s – Apri 25

Wordburglar plays St Catharine’s for the first time on Saturday, April 25 as part of In the Soil Arts Festival with a headlining gig alongside More Or Les that also includes performances from Papercutsrock (Jack Shitt and Andy Able), The KAC Himself, Le Stack and more. Should be a fun night!

For more information: http://www.inthesoil.on.ca/2015-festival/schedule/

April 10th, 2015

Chokeules interview by Fingers On Blast

Check out the excellent interview with Chokeules conducted by Fingers On Blast with Choke talking about the upcoming $5 Rap Show, upcoming projects (the Peter Swamp Project sounds exciting!) and his favourite album from his discography. It’s a good prelude to rocking out at $5 Rap Show tonight!

Read the interview here: http://fingersonblast.com/interviews/52-chokeules.html

April 6th, 2015

5 Years for $5 Rap Show

After running a series of successful one-off hip hop nights at Rancho Relaxo throughout 2008/2009, it was hard to ignore that it was slowly becoming the go-to hub for independent Rap in the city. Centrally located on the edge of Kensington Market above an unassuming Mexican restaurant, Rancho Relaxo welcomed the indie Rap scene with open arms – not to mention some of the best sound in the city. By the end of 2009 it was pretty obvious that Rancho needed a regular Rap night, so in January 2010 the first $5 Rap Show took place, hosted by More Or Les, Wordburglar & Doogie Howitzer. Fast forward 5 years later and The $5 Rap Show is going stronger than ever. With a lineup of past guests that reads like a who’s who of underground Canadian (and international) rap celebrities, The $5 Rap Show has been a welcome venue for album releases, world premieres and one-of-kind performances. At every show we strive to provide music fans a venue to experience fresh, independent Rap, positive vibes and networking in a chilled out atmosphere.



Only $5!

Friday, April 10
Doors at 9:30 PM
Rancho Relaxo, Toronto (300 College St)

Facebook event page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/417334748391587/

April 3rd, 2015

Weekend @ Burgie’s – Episode 13

It’s the Easter Weekend! Celebrate the extra day off with episode 13 of Wordburglar’s podcast, Weekend At Burgie’s!

This episode’s guest is actor, comedian and producer Sandy Jobin-Bevans, best known for his role as Officer Palumbo in Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. Sandy and Burgie talk tales of acting, improv, sports, comic books and working on the new prank show “Fool Canada” with Will Sasso. It’s a hilarious one. Featuring music by Beatmason & Tha Alkaholiks.

Listen to the podcast here: http://www.modernsuperior.com/2015/04/02/episode-13-featuring-sandy-jobin-bevans/

April 2nd, 2015

Fandomania reviews Backburner’s Eclipse

Chad Walker liked Heatwave, the first Backburner album, enough to investigate many of the individual members’ own projects and collaborations in the four years since. With his recent review of new album Eclipse for Fandomania it doesn’t sound like he was disappointed:

“… if you’re at all a fan of hip-hop, you really owe it to yourself to check out Backburner’s Eclipse. Just go do it now!”

And here’s a tease of the review by presenting just the intro:

Now read the full review here: http://fandomania.com/backburner-eclipse-review-nsfw/

April 2nd, 2015

[new video] Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM! – “Bill Clinton”

“I will never get impeached, baby, all y’all hail!”

“Bill Clinton” is the third single from Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM!’s debut album, The Raw. The song was written at the peak of the scandal surrounding former Toronto mayor Rob Ford and relates to a similar scandal with ex-President Bill Clinton. It’s a song about drug use, life in the big city, and even some discussion of politics — in a satirical manner, of course. Filmed the day after recording “Bill Clinton” in the studio, the video combines shots of downtown Toronto and city hall with live show footage. The video was filmed by DJ SLAM! (on an iPhone4s, believe it or not) and edited/directed by Illvibe.

Written and performed by Ultra Magnus
Production by DJ SLAM!
Filmed by DJ SLAM!
Edited and directed by iLLvibe

Or watch the video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBjA1pifJKE

March 27th, 2015

Geek Hard reviews Eclipse

Andrew Young gives a glowing review to Backbuner’s Eclipse for Geek Hard for which we’re extremely grateful. He says of the album:

“With strong beats and great samples … Eclipse is a bombardment of lyrical mayhem to overload the senses.”

Check out the intro to the review:

Read the full review here: http://geekhardshow.com/2015/03/backburner-eclipse/

March 27th, 2015

Fingers On Blast reviews Eclipse

Fingers On Blast has come through with a fine review for Backburner’s Eclipse, writing of the crew and their new album:

“There’s no doubt these guys have been at it for a while and they know exactly what they’re doing. The clever lyrics and tight production will have you nodding your head in no time…”

Here’s the review:

Or read the review here: http://fingersonblast.com/album-reviews/backburner-eclipse.html

March 25th, 2015

Limondier reviews The Raw

Lots of love, maple syrup and Canadian bacon goes out to Julia W for her review of Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM!’s The Raw in French blog Limondier. It’s in French so I can’t be sure, but I think it’s a pretty awesome review of the album. If Google Translate is to be believed, she says of the album:

“The Canadian duo book a debut album and catchy, the contrast between raw tracks to the whimsical flow and quieter pieces works great. Ultra Magnus and DJ SLAM easily able to convince both ways, with deep fifteen titles that deserve to be listened to and played back to fully grasp the content. A winning collaboration that will reiterate undoubtedly in the future. We can not wait to hear more.”

Read the full review here: http://limonadier.net/ultra-magnus-dj-slam-the-raw-lp/

March 25th, 2015

RapReviews The Raw review

A favourite friend of Hand’Solo Records, Flash comes through with a review of Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM!’s The Raw for RapReviews. He gives their debut a 7.5/10, which is a pretty good rating for that site, and opens his review with this description of the duo:

” Within the first two minutes of listening to “The Raw,” rapper Ultra Magnus is giving me flashbacks to early 1990′s Jay-Z, the fast tongue flipping Jay-Z, and to follow up that DJ SLAM! starts sampling from and scratching Transformers dialogue from Scourge.”

Here are the first few paragraphs of his review. The review is a bit longer, so click the image or the link below to read the it all…

Read the full review here: http://www.rapreviews.com/archive/2015_03_ultra-theraw.html