April 9th, 2024

The best song about sleeping shirts…

Epic drops the second single for the 15th Anniversary celebration of Aging Is What Friends Do Together with “Sleeping Shirts”, including a remix featuring some of his friends waxing poetic on the subject.

This is the best song about sleeping shirts. Celebrating the 15th Anniversary re-release of Aging Is What Friends Do Together on vinyl, Epic drops a single for his hit ode to his favourite sleep wear. Turning the original Maki-produced solo into a posse cut, Epic is joined by friends Jay the Rapper, Id Obelus, Inky, and Tachichi to provide their own take on sleeping shirts over a chill beat by The Dirty Sample. Even the toughest MCs wear sleeping shirts…

Written and performed by Epic
Produced by Maki
Remix by The Dirty Sample
Remix written and performed by Epic, Jay the Rapper, Id Obelus, Inky & Tachichi

April 5th, 2024

Quick review of “Cucumber Cool” by Word Is Bond

“The rousing and punchy track … is a playful tune that showcases deft defying flows and engaging lyricism … bolstered by a catchy hook to seal the deal.” – The Word Is Bond

A quick, short review of Tachichi & Gordski’s “Cucumber Cool” by The Word Is Bond…

April 5th, 2024

New Video: “The Grime (Sean One Remix)” by Fortunato

The video has dropped for Sean One’s remix of “The Grime” from The Coalition, Fortunato’s upcoming collab album with The Dirty Sample as producer. Directed by Focus Fire Studios.

And as a bonus, here are the lyrics so you can rap along…

The iron lion, i rise defiant, when I’m arriving, I’m ionizing the tyrants that you’ve been idolizing, the diamond shining, defining myself in any climate, in rain forests, my pain flourish, I try to hide it

But it comes out in my words, why do I try to fight it, I can’t confide or describe it without being indicted, so I just light it and write it down then read and recite it, divide it and multiply it, instead of being silent

From Easter island to sea that’s shining, I been compiling, no longer violent, reset my mind with the psilocybin, and now my time is arriving if you’ve been occupying, my throne, I’m breaking your bones and like the weapons of mayans

Spreading death like infections every session’s a virus, applying pressure, my presence is the essence of science, there’s no denying these lessons, ain’t no sense in defying, I heat it up like the climate till my critics are silent Its hammer time

We ain’t capping
Leave you paralyzed
We the caverns In your mind
That your scared to find
Inside the darkest recesses
We bring the hardest rhymes
Over the dirtiest beats
We call it Columbine

I break your body like Eighties parties this aint a hobbie, if you ain’t first than you’re last, they call me Ricky Bobby, the mazzeratti no carbon copy, im never sloppy, the ally oxen I’m free while yall are copping oxys

The kamikaze the cops aint caught me for dropping bodies, from wabnaki my flow is godly no one can stop me, the Paulo rossi my soul is lofty the goal is costly, I kick cacophonies awesomely yall hold my coffee

Cause yall are off and so choppy while I just flow crisp, cold like ocean im open up to my old tricks, back in 06 I was breaking the law with k dot, now I’m in the same spot I came up and made my name hot

The day by day struggle don’t change, im still the same G, a lot of rappers jocking my style but they just ain’t me, I pray to be the best I can be, and never nothing less

The truth of what I see in my life is what I must confess

April 4th, 2024

Folded Waffle review of “The Grime”

“‘The Grime’ is a testament to Fortunato’s prowess as an MC, as he effortlessly navigates the gritty production provided by The Dirty Sample.” – Folded Waffle

New short review of Fortunato x The Dirty Sample’s “The Grime” from Folded Waffle blog.

April 3rd, 2024

I2G interview of District Prime aka No Town Vandal

Illuminati2G did an interview with District Prime, now going by No Town Vandal. It happened back in February and I missed when it was posted. Here it is for your enjoyment!

April 2nd, 2024

Tachichi & Gordski are “Cucumber Cool”

New (old) single from Tachichi & Gordski has just dropped…

What does one do when they’re cool as a cucumber? They write a song about it, of course! So that’s what Tachichi did for his 2014 project with DJ and producing partner Gordski. Previously only released on Bandcamp for a limited time, the duo drop for streaming their second single from Felt Lovejoy in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the original EP. Tachichi breaks down what makes him cucumber cool with a hard, braggadocio battle rap and a “surgical flow” over a crunchy Gordski beat, while Yasmeen Borden and Jay O Smooth join him for the catchy chorus. The latter also provides back ups on the verses. “Cucumber Cool” as described by T, more truthfully now than ever before, is “future funk that’s fashionably late.”

Written and performed by Tachichi
Additional vocals by Yasmeen Borden and Jay O Smooth
Produced by Gordski

March 28th, 2024

Mickey O’Brien interview with Sudbury.com

Much love to Sudbury.com for their interview with Mickey O’Brien regarding his new single and pro-union anthem, “One Day Longer”…

March 26th, 2024

Fortunato x The Dirty Sample – The Grime

The first single from Fortunato x The Dirty Sample is out now…

For the first single from The Coalition, Fortunato’s new collaboration album with producer The Dirty Sample, the blue collar MC goes back to basics. “The Grime” is just Fortunato snapping. Sometimes an MC needs to assert themselves and put an exclamation point on what makes them who they are. “I spit cacophonies awesomely, y’all can hold my coffee” is peak Fortunato braggadocio but also highlights his passion for wordplay. A little deeper, it’s also about dark thoughts and facing demons, his words reflecting that vibe with no remorse. The Dirty Sample provides a gritty big banging beat that is the perfect backdrop for the boasting, while Sean One delivers an epic smooth jazz groove for the remix. 

Written and performed by Fortunato
Produced by The Dirty Sample
Remixed by Sean One

March 24th, 2024

The Word Is Bond reviews Mickey O’Brien’s “One Day Longer”

“The hard-hitting rock-infused track produced by Fairchild comprises rich guitar riffs, punchy drums and cinematic pads underpinned by Mickey’s dynamic flows and detailed lyricism.” – The Word Is Bond

The Word Is Bond included Mickey O’Brien’s new single, “One Day Longer”, on their Top 10 Submissions list for March 2024 and provided a short review of the album.

March 23rd, 2024

The Sudbury Star’s coverage of “One Day Longer”

Much love to local paper The Sudbury Star for their coverage of Mickey O’Brien’s new single!