December 23rd, 2018

Ed the Sock Talks with Big Bear (of Filthy Animals)

Now those are bunch of words I would not have expected to arrange in such a manner. But there it is. Ed the Sock Talks with Big Bear. Of Filthy Animals. Mr the Sock riffs a lot and offers his opinion on the new album, Still Filthy, and Bear’s personal hygiene… Also, there’s a big reveal at the end that the video for the new single, “Don’t Need Her”, is dropping on January 4, 2019. An exciting start to the new year!

December 23rd, 2018

More Or Les guests on MikeAll’s “Just for the Record (Stylus Remix)”

First Scarborough rapper MikeAll appeared as Wolverine on More Or Les’s “Choose Your Own Avenger (Mighty Version)” posse cut, and now Les returns the favour by appearing on MikeAll’s ode to vinyl, “Just for the Record (Stylus Remix)”, which recently got the video treatment…

True school ode to vinyl records and HipHop’s epicenter, the DJ!

Just for the Record (Stylus Remix)
MikeAll featuring More Or Les & Zeppo
Produced by royceBIRTH
Video Directed by MezMariye

Head over to YouTube to watch the video and read the lyrics:

December 22nd, 2018

Scratched Vinyl’s Top 20 of 2018

Scratched Vinyl has published their Top 20 albums of 2018 and the list features 2 (!) albums from Hand’Solo Records. At #15 is The Mighty Rhino with his sophomore album We Will No Longer Retreat into Darkness and at #11 are Backburner’s Jesse Dangerously and Ambition teamed as The Library Steps with Rap Dad, Real Dad.

Click the link at the bottom of the post or any of the images to see the full list, but here are the short write-ups for the Hand’Solo albums:

Also, a special congratulations is due to Jesse Dangerously for having a second album also make the list, this with producer Lizard Grove as Danger Grove, review also posted here for your viewing pleasure:

Read the full list with write-ups here:

December 22nd, 2018

Raised by Gypsies reviews Whatevski’s Cult Classics cassette

Raised by Gypsies reviews the cassette version of Whatevski’s Cult Classics, providing a bit of info about the exclusive tracks and comparing it to the digital version. Here is the excellent review:

And look at just how awesome their colourful background shows off this amazing tape…

Read the review and see more pictures of the cassette here:

December 15th, 2018

Tachichi – “Everything” video and DJ Pack

“Everything”, the first single from Tachichi’s upcoming Top Ten album, dropping January 25, 2019 on Hand’Solo Records, encompasses everything that has been going on in the life of this MC from Nova Scotia, letting peeps know how he and his Sipset crew do. Essentially a song about having fun, the simple premise was dictated by the melody of the hook, which popped into T’s head upon hearing the Sean One beat. The single is accompanied by a video shot and directed by Darryl Duzak, co-directed by Tachichi, and edited by ChanHays and Ghettosocks. The video portrays who Tachichi is as a person, casually rapping at The Halifax Commons skatepark and in front of Alteregos, his friend’s cafe on Gottingen St.

01 – Everything
02 – Everything (clean)
03 – Everything (instrumental)
04 – Everything (acapella)

Lyrics written and performed by Tachichi
Produced by Sean One

Artwork by Ghettosocks

December 12th, 2018

Tachichi video release party for “Everything” on Friday

It’s short notice, but this Friday Tachichi celebrates the release of the video for “Everything”, the first single from his upcoming album, Top Ten.

Performances from Tachichi & Ghettosocks

DJ Moves will be spinning Golden Age classics all night long!

Where: Alteregos Cafe & Catering (2193 Gottingen St, Halifax)
When: Friday, December 14, 2018
Showtime: 8-11PM
Price: $7

Come get your sippy on!

For more info, check the Facebook event page: “

December 5th, 2018

Final $5 Rap Show of 2018 a big blowout!!

The 5DRS has had an amazing year of shows featuring diverse styles and performances by rappers, DJs, producers and dancers from across Canada and the USA! You helped us make our 8th year our best yet – so let’s close out 2018 with the crew and fam that made it all possible, including you and yours!

More Or Les, Swamp Thing & Wordburglar have all released monumental rap records this year so it’s only fitting they close out the 2018 season with feature performances! Starting sharply at 10:30 PM. Come for the live performances followed by a live DJ set, drinks and all the good times you’ve come to expect at The $5 Rap Show. PLUS Peter Project aka COINS will be rocking the bells on the 1s and 2s with one of his patented DJ party sets keeping things moving all night!

Who knows…if it goes well we might even be convinced to do this for a 9th year 😉

The rap’s happening THURSDAY DEC 13th at HANDLEBAR, 159 AUGUSTA,
19+. $5 bucks.
More rap than you pay for.

Facebook Event Page:

December 4th, 2018

Clockwork Cypher v12 with Wordburglar, Touch, Attikus and Munro

Wordburglar has been working his ass off touring lately, and during his first out West he hooked up a portion of it with Touch. They’re joined by Attikus and Munro for this cypher for Clockwork. Hand’Solo is well represented with a rapper from the past, a rapper from the present, and perhaps one from the future…. Everyone kills it!

November 30th, 2018

Filthy Animals – Still Filthy out now!

Track Listing:

01. Purple Rain ft. 40
02. Fuck a Job ft. Bronze
03. Don’t Need Her
04. Filthy Gang
05. Rambler ft. Lev and Bang Em
06. Nature Boys ft. Kode
07. Hustlers ft. Daze
08. Sorry
09. Not Sorry
10. Woo Twang
11. H1N1 ft. Trip
12. Freddy on the Block

All lyrics written and performed by Big Bear & Pnutty Goldust except for features
All beats produced by Pnutty Goldust except “Rambler” produced by Tron

Mixed and mastered by G. Sawatzky at Deepcave Studios

Album Design by Fedora
Art Direction by Meowser

November 27th, 2018

Filthy Animals – Filthy Gang video & DJ Pack

01 – Filthy Gang
02 – Filthy Gang (clean)
03 – Filthy Gang (instrumental)
04 – Filthy Gang (acapella)
05 – Filthy Gang (DJ Matto remix)

Written and performed by Big Bear and Pnutty Goldust
Produced by Pnutty Goldust, expect #5 remixed by DJ Matto

Video shot and edited by Natural Aspects Promotions