September 19th, 2019

2 Music Nova Scotia Awards nominations for Tachichi

Congrats to Tachichi for his two nominations for the 2019 Music Nova Scotia Awards coming up in Truro, Nova Scotia. He’s up for Hip Hop Recording of the Year with Top Ten, his most recent album on Hand’Solo, and the competition is tough with his fellow Sipset general Ghettosocks also nominated for HOLOS, his collaboration with Aquakultre as AQUASOCKS. Also nice to see EPDMC make the cut with Rap’s Charlie Brown. Dude has been grinding hard these last couple of years. The category for Songwriter of the Year is probably equally as tough, but the only name I’m really recognizing is Tachichi for “Everything”… so go get ’em, T!

And for a little reminder of that Songwriter of the Year material…

September 10th, 2019

Weekend at Burgie’s scores interview w/ Hand’Solo Head Honcho!

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Wordburglar for his original podcast series, Weekend at Burgie’s. It was a lot of fun! I was given access to his secret hideout where we ate superb homemade vegan pizza buns, drank mini-cans of Coke, and talked about my lengthy venture in music journalism, my short stint in college radio and early podcasting, and my major focus for 20+ years on Hand’Solo Records. Wordburglar also uses his super powers to coin the new word “Quinlincidence”, which I got to experience this past weekend listening to the podcast and hearing me talk about having a broken elbow during the creation of Bassments of Badmen 2 while at home nursing a brand new broken elbow!

While listening I also noticed a few errors in my answers that I’m blaming on faulty old man memory. I’d like to set the record straight for whoever might stumble across it here. Early on we talk about a phone interview I did during a visit with DJ Moves in Halifax. We couldn’t remember who was recording there that day when Wordburglar and I first met, but now I’m pretty sure it was Knowself. And the story is told as if the phone I did was with Sean “Puffy” Combs, but the interview was actually with Mase. I remember Tachichi kept bugging me to let him battle Mase. And my question that abruptly ended the interview was when I asked him if he thought Puffy was ruining hip hop with all that jiggy rap. That was inconsiderate of me to ask. And later, when Wordburglar asks me about my experiments in rapping, I misspoke that I didn’t rap until after the radio show and podcast, but The Almighty Ughnauts! were played on both Lord Knows What and Silly Robots at least once so I was obviously doing it during.

After the interview, Wordburglar includes a short but sweet selection of Hand’Solo songs, old and new.It’s worth staying for…

Listen with your favourite podcast app:

September 1st, 2019

CBC talks fandom with More Or Les and Wordburglar

A little more than a week ago, More Or Les and Wordburglar played the annual Nerd Noise Night to celebrate Fan Expo, as they have done the last few years. Leading up to the show, they did this interview with CBC to promote NNN. I’ve been meaning to share the interview here, but lately I’ve been caught up in the orbit of the Alien Trap Lords… Anyway, the show may have passed but the interview is still relevant. Especially to those who like a little (or a lot of) fandom in their hip hop. So, with no further ado…

Read the interview here:

August 31st, 2019

3L3M3NT 115 now available on cassette and digital

The digital is now available… Or pre-order the cassette to be mailed soon.

August 23rd, 2019

Pre-order Alien Trap Lords album 3L3M3NT 115

The pre-order comes with the first single and the instrumental title track…

01 – Lunar Eclipse
02 – We Run the World
03 – Dark Side of the Moon
04 – Put Em Up
05 – Trippin Out
06 – Dulce
07 – 3L3M3NT 115
08 – Reverse My Technology
09 – Far Out
10 – Shiny
11 – Species
12 – My Whip UFO
13 – Starseed
14 – Universe
– OK (cassette-only bonus track track)
– Here Beside U (cassette-only bonus track)
15 – Alien Swoopin
16 – Gotta Go

All audio recordings written and performed by Alien Trap Lords

August 23rd, 2019

Alien Trap Lords Run the World with new DJ Pack

It’s the age old conspiracy over who actually runs the world. Is it the bankers? The politicians? Or the religious leaders? Yes, yes, and yes! But who runs them?

Get ready to hear the truth laced over top of thick synthesizer bass, heavy drums, and extra wavy pads. as the Alien Trap Lords lay it all out for your enjoyment with their first single, “We Run The World”, off their upcoming album, 3L3M3NT 115 (Hand’Solo Records).

So the next time someone asks who runs the world, now you can say, we do!

We run the world!

August 23rd, 2019

The Alien Trap Lords have landed!

Out of the farthest reaches of space come a group of inter-dimensional life forms. The Alien Trap Lords serve universal knowledge over wavy synth 808 bass. Take a galactic trip in their space whip. Learn the secrets of your world and the truth behind the conspiracies.

Due to the ever-increasing number of UFO sightings around the globe, an unnamed source within the FBI has facilitated the release of the audio sessions attributed to the Alien Trap Lords. The first of these is 3L3M3NT 115, a collection of audio selections specifically picked to create an atmosphere of acceptance around the subject of UFOs and intergalactic life, and to prepare the public for direct alien contact.

August 16th, 2019

Mickey O’Brien – Freedom lyric video & DJ Pack

It’s a revolution you can dance to! “Freedom”, the second single from Sudbury working-class rap hero Mickey O’Brien’s latest album, My Drift, is an upbeat protest jam, calling for resistance and mobilization in a time of austerity, social inequities and class struggle. Produced by JUNO-nominated MPC mastermind Fresh Kils, the Island-inspired groove is matched by a riotous reggae hook from Toronto singer Salvatori.

Visuals for “Freedom” are supplied by, for those who also like to read along…

The Dirty Sample gives the song a darker interpretation with his accompanying remix…

Lyrics written and performed by Mickey O’Brien
Additional vocals by Salvatori
Produced by Fresh Kils
Remixed by The Dirty Sample

August 14th, 2019

Primal Winds interviewed by Indie Music Discovery

This interview with Primal Winds was completed a little while back and posted more than a week ago on Indie Music Discovery.

Here’s a taste of a few questions and answers in this Q&A:

Read the full interview here:

August 13th, 2019

Hand’Solo Hip Hop Hour w/ Wordburglar & More Or Les

The rest of the $5 Rap Show crew joined me to create a one-hour episode of a radio show to help London, ON radio station CHRW 94.9fm celebrate their second annual Word Up 24 hour celebration of hip hop.

For the Hand’Solo Hip Hop Hour, More Or Les spins a selection of unreleased songs from mostly upcoming Hand’Solo albums, and Wordburglar and I provide a couple of sections of brilliant conversational interludes about early Halifax hip hop, our shared history, and what the future has in store.

The show aired on Saturday, August 10 from 5-6pm, but for those who missed the show, it’s currently available to stream along with the rest of the shows aired in that 24 hour period…


1. Hand’Solo intro (cuts by More Or Les)
2. Nerd Love instrumental (produced by Abstract Artform)
3. Scotch Tape instrumental (produced by Recordface)
4. GAS instrumental (produced by More Or Les)
5. Aunty Up – Big Bear, Daze & Royal T
6. Rhyme Shoguns – Fritz the Cat & Moves featuring hermitofthewoods & Noah23
7. Letter to the Future – royceBIRTH
8. Hip Hop Is Changing (demo) – 5.1.nine.0.2.
9. We Run the World – Alien Trap Lords
10. Donkey Feelings – Creature Box
11. Moves instrumental #1 (produced by Moves)
12. Moves instrumental #2 (produced by Moves)
13. Moves instrumental #3 (produced by Moves)
14. Wildlife instrumental (produced by Buck 65)
15. Deja Vu – Attikus
16. Soldier – Touch
17. Picard Maneuver (Red Shirt Remix) – More Or Les featuring Timbuktu, Touch & Wordburglar
18. We Came to Rock – Mickey O’Brien, Tachichi, More Or Les, Touch, Jesse Dangerously, Filthy Animals & Primal Winds
19. Full Steam – The Mighty Rhino
20. I’m on a Mission – +/-
21. instrumental (produced by Touch)
22. instrumental (produced by The Dirty Sample)
23. instrumental (produced by Recordface)
24. Cybertronnoiseur – Wordburglar

Listen here: