February 26th, 2024

ExtraVAfrench reviews “Box Cutter Boogie”

“This track perfectly illustrates the richness of Canadian hip-hop and confirms Tachichi’s position as an essential pillar of the scene.” – ExtraVAfrench

ExtraVAfrench provides another review for Tachichi & Gordski’s “Box Cutter Boogie” featuring Quake Matthews and Kaleb Simmonds, and they also added it to the ExtraVArap playlist on Spotify – which is great!

February 25th, 2024

Lyrical Odyssey reviews “Box Cutter Boogie

“‘Box Shaper Boogie’ is a tenacious attack on the faculties, mixing Tachichi’s capable conveyance with Shake Matthews’ sure zingers and Kaleb Simmonds’ smooth snares.” – Lyrical Odyssey

There’s probably some translation errors, but I think this is my favourite cryptic review of a Hand’Solo release I’ve seen in a long time… Thank you, Lyrical Odyssey, I do appreciate the time and effort!

February 21st, 2024

Roadie Music review of “Box Cutter Boogie”

“[W]e have the presence of a captivating beat and well-crafted vocals, strong rhymes and admirable power…” – Roadie Music

A quick review of Tachichi & Gordski’s “Box Cutter Boogie” single featuring Quake Matthews and Kaleb Simmonds.

February 20th, 2024

Out Now: Tachichi & Gordski – “Box Cutter Boogie”

Celebrating 10 years since recording the previously unreleased Felt Lovejoy, Tachichi & Gordski drop their first single from the EP as an introduction to what is to come soon…

For the first single from their upcoming Felt Lovejoy EP, rapper Tachichi and producer Gordski bring a big, booming banger with assistance from battle rapper Quake and a smooth hook from singer Kaleb Simmonds, best known for his appearance on the second season of Canadian Idol, where he made it to the Top 7. A song about fame and the rap game, Tachichi’s dexterous delivery and Quake’s confident punchlines dominate the uptempo drums and constant heavy bass synths courtesy of Gordski. When it comes to wack MCs, this Halifax crew will “knock ‘em out the box!” Turn your headphones up!

Written and performed by Tachichi, Quake Matthews and Kaleb Simmonds
Produced by Gordski

February 15th, 2024

Spotify Pre-Save: Tachichi & Gordski – Box Cutter Boogie

The first single from Tachichi & Gordski’s unreleased 2014 EP, Felt Lovejoy, is dropping on Tuesday, but you can pre-save it now so you don’t miss out on hearing it when it drops…

February 9th, 2024

“Prime Conspiracy” on Bass Hit Radio Top Ten

“Prime Conspiracy”, the collab single from Conspiracy & District Prime (aka No Town Vandal), landed at #9 on the Bass Hit Radio Top Ten for the month of February 2024. Compiled by Chairman Mal and approved by Chuck D.

February 8th, 2024

“Ah Hemsky” review by Lyrical Odyssey

“Epic’s talent is timeless, and his comeback is long overdue.” – Lyrical Odyssey

A quick review of Epic’s “Ah Hemsky (emprime Remix)” by Lyrical Odyssey…

February 7th, 2024

“Ah Hemsky” coverage by ExtraVAFrench

“‘Ah Hemsky’”’ célèbre non seulement la carrière d’Epic, mais aussi sa contribution inestimable à la scène rap des prairies canadiennes, illustrant parfaitement sa capacité à se réinventer tout en rendant hommage à ses racines.” – ExtraVAFrench

A short piece on “Ah Hemsky” by French blog ExtraVAFrench…

And along with the write-up, the original version of “Ah Hemsky” was also added to their Spotify playlist:

February 6th, 2024

Epic’s “Ah Hemsky” maxi-single out now!

An ode to Ales Hemsky by Epic…

Epic’s classic ode to Edmonton Oilers player Ales Hemsky gets the maxi-single treatment to support the 15th anniversary celebratory 12” vinyl release of Aging Is What Friends Do Together. Included alongside the smooth original are remixes from Newselph, who provides a laidback summer vibe, and Saskatoon Folk Rap Records label mate emprime, who provides a crunchier but still chill vibe with additional vocals from Halifax, NS MC Christ Sampson, who adds a further melodic layer to Epic’s abstract, sing-song delivery and then becomes the star of the show with his own cover version of the song. The maxi-single also includes radio edits and instrumentals for each. Ah Hemsky, you’re so good!

Written and performed by Epic
Produced by Maki
Remixes by Newselph and emprime
Cover version by Christ Sampson

February 3rd, 2024

“Prime Conspiracy” review by Lyrical Odyssey

“Conspiracy and District Prime deliver an outstanding performance with their dense wordplay and unique flavors, while DJ Matto’s production skills add an atmospheric depth that immerses the listener in a hauntingly beautiful experience.” – Lyrical Odyssey

The first review off the label from Lyrical Odyssey is an excellent review for “Prime Conspiracy”.