September 25th, 2020

Kicksnare reviews The Renegades

“The fusion of upbeat, high-energy synths, boom bap drums, and radical content makes this a one-of-a-kind project to listen to.” – Kicksnare

Got this great review of the new album from Primal Winds, the Tron-inspired The Renegades, from Kicksnare…

September 24th, 2020

Hip Hop Golden Age reviews Electric Sheep

Electric Sheep is one of the finest Hip Hop albums to come out of Canada this year.”
Hip Hop Golden Age

Hip Hop Golden Age includes Touch & DJ Matto’s Electric Sheep on their list of 9 Recently Released Hip Hop Albums You Shouldn’t Sleep On (August/September) along with one of the finest reviews of a hip hop album this year!

Read below or click through on the image to check out the rest of the list on their site…

September 16th, 2020

Raised by Cassettes reviews The Renegades

“I’ve been a fan of 8bit style music for some time now and this isn’t really what I’d consider to be that in a musical sense but the idea behind it- the connection to video games and computers- is there … then you listen to a song like ‘Repurposed’ and realize these rhymes are legit and can go quite hard.” – Raised by Cassettes

Another excellent review from Raised by Cassettes, this one for Primal Winds’ The Renegades. Read the review below, or click here or on the review to head over to their site to read the review there, accompanied by many more photos of the cassette and packaging.

September 10th, 2020

Primal Winds are “Chasing Summer” with new single

Primal Winds close out the summer with a new single inspired by the unusual summer of 2020 before they return to The Grid to fight for the user.

If you’re not chasing the moment, the moment isn’t chasing you. Primal Winds embrace this ethos with “Chasing Summer”, the latest instalment in their series of celebratory singles. As the season comes to a close, Iron Wind and District Prime seize the moment in order to commemorate this unforgettable summer of underground parties, off-the-grid and online performances, and public gathering restrictions due to the global pandemic. Conceived of and produced by Iron Wind, this summer jam gem expresses their passion for the music and serves as a reminder to us all: What were you chasing this summer? Enjoy this one last hurrah for the summer with Primal Winds before they return their full energy to promoting their recently-released Tron-inspired album, The Renegades

Written and performed by District Prime and Iron Wind
Produced by Iron Wind

September 7th, 2020

Raised by Cassettes review of NO!

“[I]f you tend to partake in the type of music that has beats or soul (and let’s face it, all the best music has soul) then The Dirty Sample should be playing through your speakers.”  – Raised by Cassettes

Another awesome review of The Dirty Sample’s NO! beat tape, this one by cassette culture curators Raised by Cassettes. Read the review below or click here to check out the review on their website with additional shots of the cassette.

September 5th, 2020

Touch is checking in…

Times are tough, so Touch is checking in with this new, self-produced song/video, “Check In”.

September 5th, 2020

Cups N Cakes quickie review of Choke’s Nepotism

Cups N Cakes picks Chokeules’ Nepotism as one of their four quick picks of the week. Here’s the review…

September 5th, 2020

Scratched Vinyl reviews Touch & DJ Matto’s Electric Sheep

“DJ Matto comes through with some really strong production, and more often than not Touch delivers some interesting rhymes.”Scratched Vinyl

A new review is in for Touch & DJ Matto’s Electric Sheep thanks to Scratched Vinyl, giving it a mostly good review with a rating of 7/10.

Read the review below, or click the image to venture over to their site to read it there…

September 3rd, 2020

Wednesday Wreck interviews Chokeules

Chokeules was interviewed last night by DJ Kazzeo for his radio show Wednesday Wreck, the longest running active hip hop radio show in Central California. Check out the archived episode. The interview happens about one hour into the show, but it’s a great two hour mix of indie and underground hip hop so I recommend the whole show if you have the time…

Rockwelz feat. John Jigg$ – Classy Dons
Gin – Lockdown
Lady Boss – D.O.P.E. (Do Our People Equal)
Locksmith feat. Kxng Crooked – Blasphemy
Big Sean feat. Nipsey Hussle – Deep Reverence
Edo G – See Da Light
Neek The Exotic – Came Up As Hustlers
A Plus & The Architect – A Glorious Mess
Jeru The Damaja – If (If Was)
Nam Nitty feat. John Jigg$, Rockwelz, & M.O.U.F. – Famous Flame
SoulChef & Hydroponikz – Hands Up
Flee Lord & Buckwild – Gathering My Thoughts
Black Thought – Thought vs. Everybody
Roc C – Ain’t Ready Yet
World & San – The Dawn
Mr. Hooper – Live From The Arena
Edo G – Upper Hand
Chokeules – Gold Metal Jacket
Nas – Blue Benz
Flee Lord & 38 Spesh – Two Pics On My Gram
Black Sopranos feat. Heem & Jonesy – In Love With The Streets
El Camino feat. Madhattan – Break Ya Chain
Eto – Ending Scene
Ransom & Nicolas Craven feat. Rome Streetz – American Hustle
J Won & Joe Bust – Worth The Weight
Rhymrcka – Matrix
CZR MGA feat. Mistah F.A.B. – I’m That Dude
Non Phixion feat. Lord Goat & Sabac Red – Watch The City Burn
Craig G – Limelight
OG Natal – Stolen Land
Innocent? – Ninety
BP feat. Ras Kass – Off The Grid
Dave East feat. Benny The Butcher – Stone Killers

September 1st, 2020

Kicksnare’s quick review of Touch & DJ Matto’s Electric Sheep

In their post sharing Touch & DJ Matto’s new album, Electric Sheep, Kicksnare said a few words about the album that I’m categorizing as a review… I’m right, right?