January 31st, 2023

AzraelRapsGood x The Dirty Sample – Dirty Drops of Mud (single/video)

For the first single for his upcoming album, Content, partnered with The Dirty Sample on production, AzraelRapsGood has updated his software and is wired in. “Dirty Drops of Mud” is a gritty ditty built on witty wordplay and multi-layered punchlines that are delivered rapid fire, each concept evolving effortlessly into the next. The song is a lyrical showcase, and it’s immediately evident Azrael raps good. And The Dirty Sample’s beat is also true to his name and the song’s, opening with a muddy bass line beneath a dominating few repeated guitar notes as if someone might be tuning their instrument, and then the drums kick in—heavy!  With their first single, the duo make a splash and now you have dirty drops of mud on your nice outfit.

The accompanying video produced by ARG Vidz has Azrael late night loitering, kicking his raps at some of his favourite 24 hour spots on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC.

January 30th, 2023

Upcoming Chadio interview with Fresh Juice

Chadio will be on Fresh Juice on Wednesday night to talk about his upcoming new album and much more. See below for the many ways you can tune into the show. Watch live and join the chats!

Ways to Watch/Listen:
https://facebook.com/3272053669726953 (RAR)
https://facebook.com/907432100276964 (Fresh Juice group)
https://twitter.com/rainieraveradio (RAR)
https://twitter.com/freshjuicemedia (Fresh Juice)

Rainier Avenue Radio App (free both iPhone & Android users)

January 29th, 2023

Chadio interview with The Mixtape Show

Chadio recently spoke with DJ Kawon for The Mixtape Show and that interview is now up for your listening pleasure. Hear Chadio speak about his new album and the break up on which it is based. Play it here or click the image…

January 28th, 2023

Raised By Cassettes reviews The Dirty Sample’s Beats To Murder Rappers To

“In many ways, this cassette just feels like the soundtrack to a horror film…”
Raised By Cassettes

Raised By Cassettes provides a track by track break down of The Dirty Sample’s instrumental album Beats To Murder Rappers To… Read the review below or head over to the website to read it on their site with a few more photos of all of elements of the cassette.

January 27th, 2023

Revenge Vol. 1 review by Chaps

“The production on this record is raw and aggressive in a good way [and] I love his rap styles on this, laid back but intense.” – Thoughts From The Rap Nest

Big up the homie Chaps for his review of Revenge Vol. 1 from Ol’ Gorilla Bones x The Dirty Sample in his latest column, Thoughts From The Rap Nest. Check out his site here for more reviews and other rap music thoughts. And here’s the review in question:

January 25th, 2023

Itel Massive review of “The Best (Success)”

“Sensational‘s heavy-landing bars cut through the smoke cloud of spine-chilling sounds that swirl all around him.” – Ital Massive

Very excellent review of “The Best (Success)”, the first single from Sensational x The Dirty Sample’s upcoming album, The Spot Rocker…

January 20th, 2023

The Spot Rocker cassettes are here!

Sensational x The Dirty Sample cassettes have arrived, and they look sweet!

Pre-order your copy now on cassette, vinyl, CD or digital…

January 19th, 2023

Mickey O’Brien live in BC

Mickey O’Brien will be back in BC for four tour dates in March. If you’re in the vicinity, check him out on tour with Dubgee…

January 17th, 2023

Chadio – Wrong Way

The third single from Chadio is “Wrong Way”…

Throughout previous album No Wives Club and now on Cousin of Lucy, Chadio has spent enough time thinking about and speaking on his break-up, so new single “Wrong Way” provides a perfect closing piece. It’s about trying to dump emotional baggage and find closure. The bridge borrows a sentiment from a classic Sublime song, while the track (and by extension, the album) are closed out by a deadly scratch routine from former DMC champion DJ Wundrkut (RIP). And the incredibly busy drum break feels like driving away from town off to some new adventures.

Written and performed by Chadio
Produced by Pasquale and Aalo Guha
Cuts by DJ Wundrkut

January 16th, 2023

Celebrate the arrival of Revenge Vol. 1 vinyl with The Dirty Sample package deal!

It’s finally here! The vinyl for Revenge Vol. 1 from Ol’ Gorilla Bones x The Dirty Sample has arrived many, many months late, and we’re so excited! To celebrate the arrival of the vinyl, we’re offering a package deal that will help newbies get their collection started as well as old fans top off their collection. Experience the many facets of The Dirty Sample — as rapper, producer, and remixer — on three different formats! Get Revenge Vol. 1 on vinyl, his instrumental album Beats To Murder Rappers To on cassette, and his remix album Josuha’s Dreamixes on CD… and you don’t pay for the CD!