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New single and video from AzraelRapsGood x The Dirty Sample…

On second single “One Size Fits All”, AzraelRapsGood invokes the hip hop mantra most associated with Too Short: get in where you fit in. “I’ve never blended in with the mix”, raps Azrael as he demonstrates his desire for individuality. Rather than go with the flow, he just says no to the pre-packaged, commodified way our lives (and music) are structured nowadays. Azrael’s anti fake it to make it sentiment is delivered over a chill, moody beat from The Dirty Sample, his plodding boom bap drums combined with piano, violin and bass, plus this one repeating inquisitive Scooby Doo-like “huh?” sample that is way too infectious. “One Size Fits All” proves AzraelRapsGood x The Dirty Sample might be weird, but they think you normal people are even weirder.

The accompanying video takes up a line from the song—“stuck inside feeling like an outsider”—and runs with it. Filmed in Toronto by MadMax and produced by ARGVidz, the video has the Vancouver, BC MC watching the world pass by outside while inside intercut with him wandering around on the outside. Always all alone.

Written and Performed by AzraelRapsGood
Produced by The Dirty Sample