Home Bass > BACKBURNER: “Heatwave” video shoot was a success!

The video for the first single, and title track, from the upcoming Backburner album, Heatwave, was filmed on August 4. A big thanks is owed to everyone who donated money in exchange for some great perks. The video wouldn’t be possible without your help. While we wait or 3AM Design to do their post production magic, here are a few shots from the video shoot…

Domino’s Pizza knows the deal – Timbuktu and Wordburglar with pizza delivery:


Jesse Dangerously and Thesis Sahib wing it on set:


Backburner – Jay Bizzy, Timbuktu, Thesis Sahib, Jesse Dangerously, Chokeules, Wordburglar:


More Or Les and Timbuktu enjoy the wrap party at Poppers: