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Canada’s Backburner Crew is a who’s who of the most prolific independent hip-hop artists in the country. For Eclipse, their second group album and follow-up to their critical hit debut Heatwave, the squad of MCs, DJs and producers have combined to give the world a tour-de-force posse record that channels the energy of 90s-era hip-hop classics from Wu-Tang Clan, Def Squad or Hierogplyhics.

Like the previous Backburner album, Eclipse is a mammoth. It represents the wide variety of talent and voices of the crew and the accumulation of years of hip-hop experimentation. Ever track is a smorgasbord of collaboration layered over meaty drums, grizzled instruments and powerful samples. The words within these anthems are a rotating barrage of script-flipping genius and borderline insanity. Every team-up is the birthday surprise you never knew you wanted, from the boozy anthem “Bottle Caps” to the tongue-in-cheek, satirical, bad cop Prince Paul-homage “Bad Lieutenants” to the neck-breaking lyrical smackdowns of “Scarecrows” or “Nothin’ Friendly Pt 2”. Call it old school, new school, boom bap, backpack, alternative – whatever. There’s one undeniable fact – it’s rap music made by rap maniacs. And it’s dope.

I think you’re gonna dig it.

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