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A couple of 25-year old Pisces, Buck 65 and Stinkin’ Rich do lots of stuff besides make hip hop records. They have real jobs, ride BMX (street), play lots of sports and collect 50’s memorabilia. With all of this going on, theres no time to waste on messing around with nonsense. Together, they have been composing for over 10 years, always going all out, always with fresh breath. Hark the herald werewolves howl. Ask them and they’ll tell you, “it’s all about getting access to free stuff.” These guys get more than their share of free stuff, and to do that you have to possess the talent. No helmet, raging hormones, and dictionary breath, I’m talking absolutely no television. Havin’ fun takin’ the train, stayin’ out of trouble… Rolling with the Certain Others, it’s Buck 65 and Stinkin’ Rich.

* Written by Buck 65 as the bio for The Wildlife Trilogy 12″ (Hand’Solo Records, 1998)

Hand’Solo Records Discography:


* Buck 65 featuring Stinkin’ Rich – The Wildlife Trilogy