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Chadio cut his teeth freestyle battling on Vancouver radio show The Morning Drive By with Maximus Clean, and stood as the freestyle champ from 1998-2000. Since then he has released eight solo albums and additional projects as a member of Imaginations Treetrunk (with Azrael and Aalo Guha), Quoted Motives (with Azrael), Dance Dance Revolution Will Not Be Televised (with Azrael, Shay Faded and Cons), and 50 Fingers (with Azrael, Kaboom Atomic and the Gumshoe Strut). He has established a unique vocal style that is organic and flips easily between flows and rhyme schemes while his lyrics tend toward the personal. Chadio also started making beats in 2016, and recently he has been releasing bootleg projects and beat tapes as Pasquale. 

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* Chadio – Cousin of Lucy