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Epic pioneered the scene in Saskatoon as a member of the Beatcombers DJ crew alongside their chief rivals, Isosceles, in the early 90s. They had the first college radio rap show and promoted early live rap shows. Upon switching to rapping, he linked with Clotheshorse Records where he released the albums 8:30 in Newfoundland (2001), Local Only (2004), Epic & Nomad (2006), a collaboration with Belgian rapper-singer Nomad, and the vinyl-only EP Heater In My Truck (2003), before moving onto Hand’Solo Records for his final official album, Aging Is What Friends Do Together (2008). Since then, Epic has been semi-retired, although he has recently returned to the scene with physical re-releases of some of his classic albums and songs, as well as releasing a handful of new songs and making some guest appearances, many released through his new label, Saskatoon Folk Rap Records. He is currently working on a few albums expected to drop shortly. His unique flow is as iconic as his grey hair. 

Hand’Solo Records Discography:


* Epic – Aging Is What Friends Do Together *