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An ode to Ales Hemsky by Epic…

Epic’s classic ode to Edmonton Oilers player Ales Hemsky gets the maxi-single treatment to support the 15th anniversary celebratory 12” vinyl release of Aging Is What Friends Do Together. Included alongside the smooth original are remixes from Newselph, who provides a laidback summer vibe, and Saskatoon Folk Rap Records label mate emprime, who provides a crunchier but still chill vibe with additional vocals from Halifax, NS MC Christ Sampson, who adds a further melodic layer to Epic’s abstract, sing-song delivery and then becomes the star of the show with his own cover version of the song. The maxi-single also includes radio edits and instrumentals for each. Ah Hemsky, you’re so good!

Written and performed by Epic
Produced by Maki
Remixes by Newselph and emprime
Cover version by Christ Sampson