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“Don’t Need Her” is Winnipeg rap duo Filthy Animals’ 4th single off of their latest album, Still Filthy. released November 30, 2018 on Hand’Solo Records. Combining elements of pop, traditional hip hop and trap, the production is a modern merging of sonics. The song starts with a notoriously infectious hook that rockets the listener straight into the grimy world of the filthy duo. The visuals for “Don’t Need Her” were shot at Teasers Palace in Winnipeg, MB, and stars Playboy model Zamy Wens as an overworked woman who has finally had enough. Directed by Dag of Natural Aspects Promotions, what begins as the usual rap video takes a sudden and interesting turn. The single is also available as a free digital DJ Pack with album, clean, instrumental, and acapella versions, plus a slamming, dancefloor-filling remix from Abstract Artform.

Written and performed by Big Bear & Pnutty
Produced by Pnutty, except tracks 5 and 6 remixed by Abstract Artform