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The first single from Fortunato x The Dirty Sample is out now…

For the first single from The Coalition, Fortunato’s new collaboration album with producer The Dirty Sample, the blue collar MC goes back to basics. “The Grime” is just Fortunato snapping. Sometimes an MC needs to assert themselves and put an exclamation point on what makes them who they are. “I spit cacophonies awesomely, y’all can hold my coffee” is peak Fortunato braggadocio but also highlights his passion for wordplay. A little deeper, it’s also about dark thoughts and facing demons, his words reflecting that vibe with no remorse. The Dirty Sample provides a gritty big banging beat that is the perfect backdrop for the boasting, while Sean One delivers an epic smooth jazz groove for the remix. 

Written and performed by Fortunato
Produced by The Dirty Sample
Remixed by Sean One