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JazzB and CAPS3 continue their “no sales” model of music dissemination with a combined total of three new discs worth of music. JazzB presents two-parter For.Ever.Great.Full, a collection of instrumentals and odd remixes, while CAPS3’s Pixelate goes the vocal route. As well, their first collection, Creator / Pixel, released one year ago, will get resurrected as a free download on Hand’Solo Records. Check back for that one soon.

In the meantime…


JazzB – For.Ever.Great.Full pt 1

Sample: Donovan Denver Velvet Nod

Download: https://handsolorecords.com/forevergreatfullpt1


JazzB – For.Ever.Great.Full pt 2

Sample: Glide Asop Cloud Chicks

Download: https://handsolorecords.com/forevergreatfullpt2


CAPS3 – Pixelate

Sample: Welcome To The Mall – CAPS4

Download: https://handsolorecords.com/pixelate