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Track Listing:

01. The Raw
02. Bill Clinton
03. Bun Tings
04. Autobot Anthem
05. HELL-O-L
06. Damage ft The Mighty Rhino
07. Censorship
08. Game Over
09. Rock The Mic ft. M.O. Littles & Dynamic
10. Microphone Thrillah [produced by Sean One]
11. ODB ft M.O. Littles
12. Yogibear ft Wordburglar
13. Revenge Fantasy
14. Trigger
15. The Final Battle (It’s Over) ft Maya Killtron

Lyrics written and performed by Ultra Magnus except where noted
Recording, mixing, DJing and production by DJ SLAM! except “Damage” produced by Digs and “Microphone Thrllah” produced by Sean One.
Mastered by Dorc for Banging Masters
Artwork by Amy Lloyd, Elijah Masek-Kelly & Caelin Williams

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