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Track Listing:

01. Day 1 (Intro)
02. Criddown ft Dan-e-o
03. Thirst Trap
04. Half Life ft. Kondriah
05. 4 Tha People ft Snaggapuss
06. The Message ft The Mighty Rhino
07. Junglist Soldier ft Kondriah & Practical Stylist
08. North Is In The House ft Dynamic
09. Ground Zero (skit)
10. Bossanova
11. Echo [prod by Philosophy]
12. Technicolour Dream
13. Now You Know ft Mer [prod by Rayne Drop]

Lyrics written and performed by Ultra Magnus except where noted
Recording, mixing, DJing and production by DJ SLAM! except “Echo” produced by Philosofly and “Now You Know” produced by Rayne Drop.
Additional vocals on “Day 1” and “Ground Zero” by Frankie C
“Thirst Trap” features vocals by Rayne Riley

Mastered by Dorc for Banging Masters
Artwork by Amy Lloyd

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