Releases > HAN062 – Chadio & The Dirty Sample – No Wives Club (2021)

About No Wives Club
It’s a classic team up as underground Canadian legends Chadio and The Dirty Sample join forces for their first full-length collaboration. The two rapper-producers have known each other through live shows since the early 2000s, but aside from a few remixes they hadn’t really worked together despite their desire to do so. Cut to 2020: Chadio and The Dirty Sample are both going through breakups, so No Wives Club is born. The Dirty Sample provides a classic era Vancouver sound over which Chadio is able to express how they are both feeling. It’s no surprise heartbreak, betrayal and relief are major themes of the album, but Chadio also explores the feelings of rapping as an old man in a young man’s game.

Lyrics written and produced by Chadio and noted guests
Produced by The Dirty Sample
Chadio’s vocals recorded by Rozmo 
Mastered by Dorc 

Cover image by Vers2 RTS 
Design by Selene Toffoli