Releases > HAN078 – Mickey O’Brien – Orebody (2023)

01 – The Bard
02 – Loose (feat. Sarah Craig)
03 – Aquarius (feat. Matt Saroka)
04 – Antipathy (feat. Myka 9 & Sarah Craig)
05 – On Guard
06 – Alchemy (feat. Low U aka Adam Bomb & D-Sisive)
07 – Orenda (feat. Will Himsl)
08 – Lilith (feat Roshin & OK Handsome)
09 – The Medicine
10 – Deliverance (feat. Sarah Craig)

Lyrics by Mickey O’Brien and invited guests 
Produced by Fresh Kils 
Co-produced by Mickey O’Brien 
Cuts by DJ Versatile 
Keys/piano by Zachary Clement 
Saxophone by Anthony Rinaldi 
Narration and psychotherapy by Christian Robertson 
Recorded and mixed at The Kiln in Toronto by Fresh Kils 
Additional vocals recorded at Die Happy Studios in Sudbury by Yoni and by Johnny B at his crib 
Mastered at Banging Masters by Dorc