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Scum has a new name.

It’s Lucha Lonely.

A miserable fuck. A selfish entitled asshole who indulges in pleasures of the flesh and the mind, who has given up his own happiness for meaningless affairs and a lavish drug culture lifestyle. He’s the life of the party and the terror of the household.

For the third time Lucha unites with producer your Good Friend Norman from The Arkeologists, who provides the soulful sad-sack soundscape, and DJ Shamann, who adds atmosphere and precise scratches. The result is The Bobby Lonely Story, a non-serialized anthology of Lucha’s life and experiences from a personal level. This is not a cautionary tale or an uplifting tale. Rather, it’s an honest look at a man who is not a total piece of garbage, but garbage nonetheless. It’s one man’s struggle to loosen the grip his penis has on his mind, and free himself from the pursuits of pleasure.

And if The Bobby Lonely Story should provide pleasure to others in the process, so be it.

“[Lucha’s] attention to detail makes for great and gritty visuals. His dark humour peeks through with the deadpan delivery…” – Exclaim (review of I Hate Myself and Want to Die)

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