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Magick Show is a rap duo out of Northern Ontario, combining the distinct styles of working class poet Mickey O’Brien and lyrical/sonic explorer Max Moon. A product of rap-show afterparty discussions, the two rap artists were energized by the common goal of creating the world’s rawest, most dynamic, horror-themed rap record.

A fiery breath of fresh air for today’s scene, Magick Show’s debut record is titled Dark Night of the Soul, released on Hand’Solo Records. It’s a collection of 6 songs defined by quick-switch delivery, haunting yet abrasive production, and lyrics that draw imagery from the unknown, magic, mysticism, and the occult. The word ‘horrorcore’ comes to mind, but there’s definitely something more going on here. The record is out Oct. 30 on all streaming platforms, with special cassette and 7″ vinyl releases to follow.

Juno-winning hip-hop innovator Moka Only (Swollen Members, Len) makes a special appearance on the record, as well as Sudbury jazz/soul/funk vocalist Will Himsl. Toronto’s DJ Slam! provides some vicious scratching to the record, while Juno-nominated MPC master Fresh Kils takes on the bulk of the production, with contributions from DJ Matto and Max Moon himself. The result is a blazing tribute to horrorcore, but also a giant the middle finger to the alt right, the old ‘gods & masters’ of society, and anyone else who seeks to dominate, control and exploit without end.

This is no Canadian nice guy hip-hop record. Magick Show is here to sacrifice any who dare stand in their way. 

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* Magick Show – Dark Night of the Soul