Releases > HAN002 – Moka Only/Sixtoo – Crystal Senate EP [vinyl] (1997) – OOP


East Coast and West Coast Canada meet on this split-12″ that features the best from both coasts.


Moka Only side

1. Ow (When I Step In)
2. Taking You Places
3. Ow (Beets)
4. Taking… (Beets)

Lyrics by Moka Only
Produced by Che Imperial
Mixed by Kut Masta Kurt

Sixtoo side

1. Unnatural Prelude (intro)
2. Spiritual Jigsaw (R.I.P.) Puzzle
3. Repent with Selective Breeding
4. Astro Black (written by Sun Ra)
5. Live to D.A.T. (Science Styles)

Lyrics by Sixtoo (except where noted)
Produced by Sixtoo

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