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With 60+ albums under his belt (and at least half self-released on his own Low Pressure label) Moves is a living legend and true Canadian classic. A DJ since ’91 and producing by the following year, he’s also known to kick the occasional R-Tard rap. Moves cut his teeth as a founding member of Truro, Nova Scotia rap group Hip Club Groove, best known for their video for “Shootin’ the Gift,” an early blueprint for Trailer Park Boys by director Mike Clattenburg, and later toured extensively as the DJ for wonderful one-hitters Len (“Steal My Sunshine”). Along the way, he touched down for significant stays in Halifax, Toronto and Vancouver, before ending up back in his hometown of Truro, Nova Scotia. But wherever he puts down roots, he and his Halfway House Studio proceed to have a heavy and positive impact on the local hip hop scene. Any list of rappers for which he has produced albums must include Tachichi, Fatt Matt, Cee!!!!!!!!, Birdapres, Josh Martinez, and Governor Bolts, plus his own Hiss series.

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* Touch & Moves – 1984