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In a picture perfect world not all pictures are perfect, as Primal Winds exhibit in this next piece off their upcoming Law Bent EP dropping on November 5, but available now for pre-order. It’s not always evident what issues everyone has to battle on a daily basis in their own lives and in their own way, whether it’s mental illness, physical disabilities, abuse, or conflict of any nature. Over a chill, throwback beat dominated by keys and eerie background vocal effects, produced by Iron Wind with an assist by District Prime, the two emcees illuminate a few of the difficulties and challenges one might encounter growing up or even experience today, and how people naturally ignore these problems and pretend they don’t exist. “Picture Perfect” is also accompanied by an animated video of the duo making their way around their hometown, with animator Baked Clown Animation/Red Dented Can Productions featuring a number of Toronto landmarks and fixtures, such as Sam the Record Man, the TTC, Ed the Sock and more.