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“I will never get impeached, baby, all y’all hail!”

“Bill Clinton” is the third single from Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM!’s debut album, The Raw. The song was written at the peak of the scandal surrounding former Toronto mayor Rob Ford and relates to a similar scandal with ex-President Bill Clinton. It’s a song about drug use, life in the big city, and even some discussion of politics — in a satirical manner, of course. Filmed the day after recording “Bill Clinton” in the studio, the video combines shots of downtown Toronto and city hall with live show footage. The video was filmed by DJ SLAM! (on an iPhone4s, believe it or not) and edited/directed by Illvibe.

Written and performed by Ultra Magnus
Production by DJ SLAM!
Filmed by DJ SLAM!
Edited and directed by iLLvibe

Or watch the video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBjA1pifJKE