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Wordburglar was recently interviewed for Canada Arts Connect, and he talks a bit about his past, life in the Canadian music industry, and music festivals like CMW and NXNE. Props to Ryan B Patrick for the interview.

If there’s a Canadian artist who best fits the description of “underrated” it would be Halifax, Nova Scotia’s SJ the Wordburglar. The hip-hop artist (real name Sean Jordan Volpe) has been a regular fixture within the underground rap scene, along with his prolific crew known as Backburner. With a penchant for sharp wordplay, zany ’80s pop culture references and solid production, Wordburglar’s passion for the genre is arguably unparalleled.

His latest single and video “Croque Monsieur”, off his well-received 3RDBURGLAR album (Urbnet), sees the artist in fine lyrical form. I connected with Volpe to discuss what it’s like being an independent artist, his career, the pros and cons of the Canadian Music Week (CMW) and North By NorthEast (NXNE) music festival scene and how he defines success as a Canadian rapper.

Enjoyed the intro? Read the rest of the interview here: http://canadaartsconnect.com/magazine/2013/07/urbanintersection-sj-the-wordburglar/