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With five albums and various singles behind them, Toronto duo Primal Winds provided a sample plate of their new musical direction with their Law Bent EP, and now it’s time to dig into the full 3-course meal with new album Crowd Control. With a blend of modern and old school vibes, Iron Wind and District Prime indulge in a variety of crowd-pleasing productions accompanied by multi-layered rhymes heavy in wordplay that ensure plenty of replay value. The music runs the gamut from high energy club jams through spacey, mellow grooves to electronic-tinged boom bap, and even a touch of reggae. As a product of our times, topics touched upon include censorship, free thought, government control, and rebellion, as well as the more classic hip hop subject matter of sexy ladies, battle raps and braggadocio, all sprinkled with nerdy and pop culture references. Primal Winds prove themselves as fun, loud, political, nerdy, and even a little bit street. While the duo could have cooked up this feast on their own, they invited a few other chefs into the kitchen. Exposing their love for the Wu, Prime and Wind are joined by iNTeLL, the son of U God, on “Where It’s At” and Judah Priest, an affiliate of Wu-Tang’s Brooklyn Zu, on “What You Started”, as well as frequent collaborator Warrzone (“Agenda”), Breaking Wreckords’ MLNY (“Won’t Back Down”), and Backburner’s More Or Les contributed cuts on “Agenda” and “Target Acquired”.  Crowd control can refer to a skill performers develop to engage with audiences or to a public security practice to manage large crowds to prevent riots. With Crowd Control, Primal Winds exerts the former and necessitates the latter. Now prepare to get loud! 

Written and performed by District Prime, Iron Wind, and featured guests
Produced by Iron Wind