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Tachichi is a Halifax hiphop legend whose resume is as superb and as big as his talent, with his fingers in everything from writing to production to video directing. Tachichi has released more than a dozen albums to date and played hundreds of live shows across Canada and the U.S. While much of his previous catalogue has been alongside Canadian producer and DJ Moves over the last 20 years, Tachichi has also released music with just about every influential and celebrated hip hop artist from the land of the maple leaf, including Buck 65, Classified, Quake Matthews, Ghettosocks, Skratch Bastid, Snak the Rapper, and countless others.

Tachichi’s attention is currently focused on his new powerhouse rap crew, Spinet, which he co-founded with Ghettosocks, and includes fellow award-winning and -nominated artists NiLLa, Sean-One, Uncle Fester, Moves, Cee!!!!!!!!, ChanHays and more. Sipset is still working toward their debut album as a crew.

Hand’Solo Records Discography:


* LXVNDR & Tachichi – Found Money *