Home Bass > The Dirty Sample drops Tuesday Nights on Cardero on June 16, 2017

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to put the finishing touches on the new EP from The Dirty Sample. Culled from the same sessions that resulted in the three Port Authority albums, The Dirty Sample collects 8 unreleased posse cuts for this free digital EP. But we’ve also put together a special cassette release featuring a b-side cassette-only exclusive remix of the EP with all-new production from Metawon, Low Pressure founder and resident producer DJ Moves, frequent collaborator Touch (who also adds new vocals!), DJ Usdneedls (of Hidden Fortress), and Backburner’s More Or Les, Timbuktu, Savilion and Fresh Kils. Looks like you’ll have to dust off that ol’ boom box for this one!

Here’s the track list and the cover art from Ghettosocks…

Track Listing:

001. Buy Or Sell – Kaboom Atomic, Tachichi, Chaka Boy & Fatt Matt
002. Bangar – Chaka Boy, Fatt Matt, Hash Mills & Tachichi
003. Our Music – Fatt Matt, Chaka Boy & Tachichi **
004. Crows Nest – Fatt Matt & Chaka Boy **
005. Catch You Lying – Planit, Fatt Matt, Kaboom Atomic, Chaka Boy, Tachichi & Hash Mills
006. Fly – Fatt Matt, Tachichi, Lesk One & Kaboom Atomic
007. Spliff Up – Fatt Matt & Hash Mills **
008. First Dark – Fatt Matt, Chaka Boy, Hash Mills & Tachichi

Album credits:
All songs produced by The Dirty Sample except ** produced by Illions (The Dirty Sample & Metawon)
Mixing by The Dirty Sample