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Everyone knows Jaws is a fictional creation—a fisherman’s tale, like the one that got away. Except it’s YOU that got away, only so you can live to spread the legend. Whenever you dip your toe into veiled waters, that enormous, tumultuous, mythical creature can gnaw its way from the back of your mind to the forefront of your nightmares. You thought you were safe. You believed your surroundings were benevolent. You convinced yourself that you were in control. But, in less time than it takes you to gauge the water’s temperature, a shark can swallow you whole—or simply take a souvenir, like a leg or a forearm. Right now you may consider yourself the king of your block, the ruler of your people, the OG, or the G.O.A.T., but sharks live amongst us all, and they can smell your unease and taste your apprehension. Next time you tread into deep water, be aware of your surroundings because Touch & The Dirty Sample are on the hunt as Jawz.

01. Jawz (intro)
02. Keep It Moving
03. I Don’t Write
04. Pugilistic (co-produced by Loophole)
05. No More
06. Long De-Vision
07. Zaat Interlude
08. Gangsta Shit
09. Cheap Skate
10. Deep Water (feat. Apeface & Ghettosocks)
11. Time Line
12. Canada Day
13. A Touch Joint
14. Consignment
15. Down You Go
16. Psychometry
17. Quint Dies (outro)

All tracks written and performed by Touch, except track 10 written and performed by Touch, Apeface and Ghettosocks

All tracks produced by The Dirty Sample, except track 4 produced by The Dirty Sample and co-produced by Loophole

Mixed by The Dirty Sample
Mastered by Dorc for Banging Masters
Art design by Ghettosocks