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Ultra Magnus is a weirdo who grew up in an extremely isolated part of Canada, but thanks to the advent of the internet he discovered hip hop decades ago and obsessed over it. Part of the duo of Ultra Magnus & DJ Slam!, he has been touring Canada for the last few years. While based out of Toronto, Ultra Magnus lives like a homeless grifter, drifting from city to city performing his rhythmic bleating to the uninitiated. If you want to compare his style to somebody else, don’t. However, his primary influences are Ghostface Killah, Lightspeed Champion, and I-20, the tall guy from DTP with the super deep voice. Three albums in and Ultra Magnus is about four months away from becoming cynical because he’s old, washed up, and his albums never really blew up. “But I’m having a fantastic time,” he admits. “And in all seriousness, I’m very privileged to be able to do what I love and get paid for it sometimes. Rap music!”

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