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New video from More Or Les…

On “Cuppa”, the new video and first single off the full length album Blow The Fuck Up But Stay Humble, More Or Les happily shows off his pride in being thoughtful rather than non-sensical, multi-faceted instead of ultra-repetitive, and graceful instead of clunky with his style of intellectual indie Hip Hop over Pop Rap. Also on the beats and cuts, Les hits you with never-ending 808 bass, stuttering guitars and pounding drums. Add to that, whimsical visuals courtesy of indie Toronto film company Endless Films, and you have a flavour that is undeniably Les’ cuppa…tea!

Beats, rhymes and cuts by More Or Les

Video by Alex Galeote and Iain Robinson for Endless Films

Featuring Wordburglar, The Mighty Rhino, Human devotees of the Cybertronic Spree, Folks at the Silver Snail, artist Kagan McLeod, and Voltron, Defender of the Far Universe

Bandcamp Pre-order link: https://handsolorecords.bandcamp.com/album/blow-the-fuck-up-but-stay-humble

Release party event page (on November 19): https://www.facebook.com/events/208205992944467/