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Wordburglar’s self-titled vinyl EP has been out for a few years but until now it hasn’t been widely available. However, it’s now been made available thanks to CD Baby. Featuring songs from Burg’s out of print self-titled debut album, follow-up album Burglaritis, and vinyl-only exclusives, remixes, instrumentals and acapellas. LA Symphony’s Pigeon John appears on “Breeze”. MMMMMmmmmm, vinyl…

Wordburglar: Wordburglar EP


Side A

1. Wordburglar
2. Burglaration
3. Three in the Key (Killy G Remix) featuring Dandruff and Thug Luv
4. Wordburglar (Jesse D Remix)

Side B

1. Slobberknocker
2. Best In Show
3. Breeze featuring Pigeon John (of LA Symphony)
4. Wordburglar (instrumental)
5. Burglaration (instrumental)
6. Wordburglar (a capella)

Link: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/wordburglar2