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Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Sixtoo combines the super-scientifical with the emotional to create his own unique brand of hip hop. Getting his start as C.L.S.C.A.R.R. with hick-hop party rappers Hip Club Groove, he left the group to go solo prior to the release of Trailer Park Hip Hop, their Murderecords debut, although he can be heard on the vinyl-only bonus track. His cassette-only solo debut was produced by Haltown hip hop pioneer Witchdoc Jorun and future Sebutone partner Buck 65. Superstarr Propz was mostly b-boy-style party raps and served as a transition phase to the self-sufficient Sixtoo of present. His follow-up, 4 Elements, plumbed the emotional depths of Rob Squire’s psyche for a depressingly emotional rollercoaster ride that was 100% Sixtoo-product, from raps and cuts to production and artwork. Now, possibly thanks to his Sebutones affiliation, Sixtoo blends the scientifical with the emotional, a perfect match for his dark future beats. Along the way have been a few attempts to quit the scene as well as a little experimentation with live hip-hop/rock band One Inch Punch. Where Sixtoo goes from here is difficult to say, but almost definitely it’s likely to push the boundaries.

Hand’Solo Records Discography:


* Moka Only / Sixtoo – Crystal Senate EP